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Consulting: ITS and Transport

The first concept of Intelligent Transport Systems appeared during mid 1980s when a new discipline, called Telematics, appeared on the market as a synergy of two existing disciplines: Telecommunications and Informatics.
The first applications of telematic systems to road transport were identified as Advanced Transport Telematics (ATT).

During mid 1990s the ATT systems and projects increased in number and complexity, therefore the ATT concept evolved in Road Transport Traffic Telematics (RTTT) where not only technology, but also the effects of its application on traffic and travelling were taken into account.

During late 1990s the concept of Telematics evolved in a wider one identified as Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) and RTTT evolved into Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) identifying an umbrella concept for a range of technologies including Data Processing, Control, Communications and Electronics that are applied to a Transportation System (transport infrastructures, vehicles and users).

EPN Consulting offers deep knowledge and experience in ITS applied to Public Transport, Motorways, Urban Transport, Logistics, Sustainable Transport as well as designing ITS Architectures at Urban, Regional and National level.

Besides, EPN Consulting helps you identify which technological solutions could be implemented in European projects in accordance with the topics called. This would give your company the opportunity of submitting a project that may be eligible for funding that you could re-invest in further Research and Development activities.

In October 2011 EPN Consulting launched an Extended Consultancy Service on Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and Sustainable Transport.
    Studies carried out to solve client's issues and/or to introduce innovative solutions to existing client's situation will take into account also experiences carried out during past and current European Projects.
    The extension of this professional service will help clients use the best practice already identified and avoid spending time and money on re-inventing the wheel.
    EPN Consulting
will be in touch with identified projects co-ordinators and partners to hear their points of view on technical and policy solutions in order to customise the best solution possible for the client (both public and private).
    This is possible thanks to the wide experience of EPN Consulting in dealing with European projects as well as to the fast growing network of professionals, partners and clients that makes EPN Consulting a unique threefold professional service provider: Consultancy, Network of Professionals and Business Hub.

In October 2012 EPN Consulting created a new professional service dedicated to SMART CITIES to meet the high demand coming from Local Authorities and citizens willing to introduce/exploit smart solutions to improve the quality of life and optimise existing resources.
The concept of Smart City is not universally defined yet, but it certainly includes Smart Economy, Smart People, Smart Governance, Smart Mobility, Smart Environment and Smart Living.

Although EPN Consulting mainly focuses on Smart Mobility and Transport, its team is prepared to work in close collaboration with all stakeholders in order to create smarter cities.
EPN Consulting is happy to receive queries from any Local Authority/Municipality in Europe willing to transform their cities into a modern, Smart City able to offer more services to their citizens at lower costs. Our Clients are always assisted step by step in the realisation of their objectives.   

EPN Consulting is happy to assist you in finding the right call where you could submit your project as well as assist you during the project proposal preparation and management. More details on this service can be found here.

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