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Consulting: ICT and Communications

ICT and Communications are the backbone of the world’s technological development. Their applications have technical, economic, and social impact and have the power of changing our habits and daily lives.

Success in any project depends upon having the right and often specific range of technical expertise coupled with experience and the flexibility to respond to the demands of that project.

EPN Consulting offers expertise in several communications related areas including specific knowledge of radio frequency, radar, cellular mobile phone and fibre optics equipment, propagation, techniques and standards. These skills enable us to provide optimally designed solutions for the often complex and variable radio environment.

EPN Consulting is able to support you from initial concept and first time enquires through to system designs and final solutions. Any part of the project life cycle can be addressed. Previous projects and experience includes desktop studies and recommendations, practical assessment of individual system components against performance specifications, comparative assessment of equipment from different suppliers, on-site 'live' trials and evaluations. EPN Consulting can also support you in liaising directly or indirectly with your client, partner organisations and/or other stakeholders, as required.

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