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Consulting: Environment and Energy

Environment and Energy are two topics that have become crucially important in the last decade.

EPN Consulting is proud to be able to offer Environmental and Energy consultancy in several topics.

As far as Environment is concerned:

  • Environmental Due Diligence for Real Estate, industrial and energy investment aimed to identify compliance liabilities related to site operations, including contaminated land issues and compliance with environmental legislation
  • Environmental Site Assessment focused on identifying contaminated land issues as a result of past or present site operations. Phase I: Data collection and review to identify areas of potential concern that might have impacted soil and groundwater. Phase II: Intrusive site characterisation to assess areas of potential concern and quantify actual liabilities
  • Strategic and technical planning of remedial activities and site closure on contaminated sites with special focus on innovative and sustainable technologies

As far as Energy is concerned:

  • Energy auditing concerning industrial plants, hotels and the real estate sector as a whole 
  • Feasibility studies, planning and implementation of Renewable Energy plants including Environmental impact studies

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