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Ethics of Artificial Intelligence: Ethic 2.0

Should your driverless car value your life over a pedestrian’s? Should we allow drones to become the new paparazzi? Can one patent a human gene?   This is the moral dilemmas of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. As we enter the new machine age, we need a new set of codified morals to become the global […]

IoT Tech Expo 2017

We enjoyed the IoT Tech Expo in London! Connected Industry, Connected Leaving, Data&Security,  Connected Services, Developing fot the IoT, IoT innovations and Technologies were the keywords of the Exibition and Conferences.   Some snapshots of the event   Connected Industry: Discussion on the future of IoT on manufacturing, logistic, farming and freight with case studies. Conndected […]

How well has H2020 performed so far?

HOW WELL HAS HORIZON 2020 PERFORMED SO FAR? It takes time for research and innovation to produce significant results. Even so, an initial assessment of the funding period 2014-2015 shows that the Horizon 2020 budget is being implemented well. EXAMPLES during funding period 2014-2015: 18000 researchers (of which 7000 PhD candidates) benefited from Horizon 2020 […]