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European Fund of Funds venture-capital

“What we’re looking to do to a certain extent is get them to shift money away from the US towards Europe.” Michael Collins, Chief Executive, Invest Europe   Creation of a Venture Capital: public and private funds European venture capital (VC) funding is considerably low in Europe compared to other parts of the world (in […]

BOOM of proposals received under the January cut-off

We are talking about the well known SME Instrument. The European Commission this January received 1534 project proposals. Experts will evaluate 1534 projects proposals from projects proposals from 37 countries. Should be underlined that projects are submitted by: 257 Spanish companies 224 Italian companies 144 British companies. ICT remained the most popular topic with 320 proposals, followed […]

Goliaths versus disruptive Davids

Introducing a new innovation into an industry can be hard, especially when it is disruptive. When that industry is naturally conservative and risk adverse, then this challenge becomes harder, especially if you are a new entrant.  For example, the oil and gas industry has a history of innovation, from its roots in onshore production from […]