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Projects in collaboration with EPN Consulting

Some examples of successful EU-funded projects dedicated to Transport: AQUASMART FP7 ICT

Who can apply?

Who can apply? Only a single for-profit SME or a consortium of for-profit SMEs can apply for

HORIZON 2020 Structure

Horizon 2020 Structure can be divided into 3 main pillars: Excellence Science, Industrial

SME Instrument: How does it work?

Horizon 2020 provides easy access to € 2.8 Billion to SMEs for funding research and innovation

A new article!

"This year, the UK was hit again by adverse weather conditions with heavy rains and snow with the -

Types of Action and Funding Rates

  RIA – Research & Innovation Action   What? Funding for research

How well has H2020 performed so far?

HOW WELL HAS HORIZON 2020 PERFORMED SO FAR? It takes time for research and innovation to produce

What is SME Instrument?

More than ever, the EU with its investments into SME innovation is aiming at accelerating company

SME: Budget allocated for each topic in 2017

Find all contents of the H2020 Grants for SMEs for each topic

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