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February 2017 EPN Consulting Newsletter

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February 2017 EPN Consulting Newsletter

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Read the Editorial of our CEO and Founder…

Dear Colleague,

Last week I read about an experiment being made in Singapore with “robo-taxis” (self-driving cars) where on a 6-km road stretch people can hail them through a ride-sharing app.

The vehicles are equipped with nuTonomy technology, hundreds of sensors and powerful algorithms.
Singapore plans to run a range of trials of autonomous cars, autonomous lorries, autonomous buses to understand how residents use autonomous vehicle technology in their daily lives.
Many researchers are thinking of future cities where one day light and heavy vehicles traffic will be made of self-driving vehicles, which should make travelling safer and make parking areas useless. They also push the idea forward: cities’ structural designs could also be revolutionised and foresee narrower streets.
Certainly the use of driverless vehicles could be welcomed in some areas and in some newly designed cities, but I see hard applying this excessive automation to historical cities, where most of them are part of the UNESCO heritage programme.
While it is good to make our vehicles and cities safer thanks to the development and adoption of Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I) technologies, I  wouldn’t like to live in a city where everything is fully automated, when the taxi previously hailed arrives empty and alights me in front of a fully automated restaurant where I order my food on a tablet and then a robot comes to serve my dishes…
What if one day a geomagnetic storm interfered with this huge amount of Artificial Intelligence?
I don’t even want to imagine!  Oh, by the way, keeping ourselves human: Happy Valentine!
EPN Consulting Ltd.
Founder, CEO
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