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Post-Brexit effects on UK participation to H2020

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Post-Brexit effects on UK participation to H2020


Seven months are passed since the United Kingdom voters expressed their will to leave the European Single Market.

Thus, we are wondering which are the post-Brexit effects on UK participation to the European funding scheme Horizon 2020…

Everybody knows the uncertainties over the future access of UK to the EU funding scheme.

Researchers in UK are worried about their situation, since they will face the loss of funding as well as a lack of international mobility and collaboration opportunities. As consequence, there is the expectation of a decrease in EU funded project proposals.

Analysing the outcomes of Horizon 2020 proposals of the period ranging from 2014 to 2016, it is possible to graph the percentage of proposals granted to the UK.

The shift in UK partner roles

Data shows a shift from a consistent number of UK partners playing the role of project coordinators towards merely participating roles. From 2015 to 2016, there is a drop of about the 33% in the variable expressing the UK coorinator partners. An opposite trend can be observed for projects in which UK partners are participating entities.


Future impact of the Brexit

Unfortunately, it is too early to provide a complete picture of Brexit impact on UK success rates in H2020 programme. This because a part of the evaluations for proposals submitted in 2016 are not available yet.

These developments will be soon available and it will be possible to say something more about the analysis of short and long-term effect of Brexit on EU funding trends.


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