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Work Programme 2018-2020

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Work Programme 2018-2020

19 Work Groups, including representative of research, industry and civil society, have been settled to strengthen the Framework Programme.

The current Horizon 2020 program is composed of 18 themes and has cross-sectional initiatives with programs of the European Research Center (ERC), Euratom, the common research center and the European Institute of Technology (EIT).

The 2018-2020 Work Program has started with beneficiaries and State Members and was translated by the publication of 17 scoping papers and one overarching strategy paper.

More detailed information about the current and the upcoming Work Programs are available for the further thematics:


The adoption and publication of the work programme are expected in October 2017.


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We would like to offer you a general overview about the H2020 opportunities with a specific focus on 2017 Calls, 2018-2020 potential Calls, on SME Instrument and the requirements needed in order to partecipate.

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