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European Projects

European Projects: Advising and Assistance

Participating in European Projects brings to your organisation the possibility of:

  • Collaborating with key players

  • Accessing/developing advanced technologies

  • Accessing wider geographic areas and markets

  • Enjoying many other advantages you need to introduce/enhance innovation

The EPN Consulting's team boasts many years of experience in European Projects and is therefore able to assist any kind of clients (public and private, SMEs or large organisations) that would like to turn innovative ideas into project proposals. The advising and assistance services  follow the client in every step of the procedure (proposal preparation, submission, project kick-off meeting organisation and project management).

The process of converting ideas into proposals starts from the identification and research of suitable partners in order to create a complementary, collaborative and balanced consortium. It continues with the preparation of a realistic and unbiased budget project. It ends with the proposal submission and hopefully sees the light at the end of the tunnel when the project is eligible for funding.

EPN Consulting helps clients identify the best programmes that suit their project ideas or match their products/solutions that could give an added value to a project consortium. In particular, EPN Consulting helps clients to deal with the principal four cases that may occurr: 

- they have a project idea but not a group of partners to work with

- they don't have a project idea but do have a group of partners to work with

- they have both a project idea and a group of partners but not the time (or the skills) to prepare the proposal

- they don't have a project idea neither the group of partners but a good range of innovative technical solutions to offer

EPN Consulting also performs a professional service of European opportunities monitoring that is tailored around the client's needs.

EPN Consulting offers special assistance to SMEs to participate in the Horizon 2020 SME Instrument where great ideas can be explored with feasibility study and business plan thanks to a EUR 50,000 lump sum the European Commission is happy to pay to outstanding proposals. This is named Phase 1. Once the feasibility plan has been carried out and the idea resulted to be viable, SMEs can apply for the Phase 2 of this initiative where they can implement the idea and generate a prototype. For this phase the EC recognises a funding sum ranging from EUR 0.5 million to EUR 2.5 million. Contact us to discuss your ambitions!   

EPN Consulting offers different packages of service to suit your requirements and is also available to represent clients at conferences, workshops, technical meetings and steering committees

EPN Consulting organises on-demand courses concerning the "Introduction to European Projects". There are two kinds of courses: 1-day and 2-day and are structured in an innovative way. More information here

To discuss your needs please write to:

Advising SME in Europe