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About EPN Consulting

EPN Consulting Limited was founded in 2009 in London by Dr Ing Stefano Mainero who holds a 5-year degree in Electronics Engineering awarded by the Politecnico di Torino (Italy), and has 20+ years of experience in consultancy services.

Stefano is a specialist in European Business, European Projects, Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) & Sustainable Transport, Smart Mobility in Smart Cities.

Stefano is a member of a number of professional institutions in the UK and abroad. In particular, he is one of the Friends of ELTIS, member of ALLINX (the European Association of Mobility Mangement Professionals) and member of the Smart Cities Stakeholder Platform. Stefano is a university lecturer in Italy and in the UK and one of the European Commission Expert Evaluators and Projects Reviewers.

Stefano is helped by a number of high-level professionals with International experience to exceed Clients' expectations.

EPN Consulting Limited is friend of the ITS UK association and the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the UK.; EPN is member of the Enterprise Europe Network London, the Federation of Small Businesses and the European Alliance for Innovation 

EPN Consulting's Values - to be:

  • INDEPENDENT to provide you with industry-unbiased solutions
  • EXPERIENCED to quickly understand your problems and design bespoke solutions
  • FLEXIBLE to meet all your requirements
  • TRUSTWORTHY to allow you carry out your day-to-day business with peace of mind
  • CLIENT-ORIENTED to exceed your expectations
  • INNOVATION-DRIVEN to provide you with brand-new solutions

EPN Consulting is: Consultancy

With the increasing complexity of technology and policies organisations need more diversified skills and expertise to win challenging business contracts. In future, the most successful companies will need multicultural and multidisciplinary teams to deliver the best solutions possible.

EPN Consulting aims to meet this need by providing professional services in a number of subjects based around European Projects (assistance and management)ITS & Sustainable Transport, Environment & EnergyICT and Innovation
Thanks to its innovative structure, EPN Consulting is able to provide Clients with an exclusively tailored professional service that large consulting firms find hard to supply. Some examples are:

- Meeting the Client at its premises on an agreed number of times (in the UK and abroad)
- Professional Services provided by taking into account cutting-edge results from past and current European Projects to avoid re-inventing the wheel
- Initial Market Intelligence at European level before starting working on the Client's assignment to find uniquely innovative solutions
- Attending Professionals Events (in the UK and abroad) on behalf of the Client and completing the service with a report
- Extended Versatility (regarding calendar and topics) in organising training courses also at the Client's premises

Although EPN Consulting’s official language is English, some specific services may also be provided in Italian, Spanish and German.

EPN Consulting is: An Innovative Network of Professionals

Along with the Consultancy service, EPN Consulting offers an innovative network of professionals located in the European continent (although experts from other geographic areas are welcomed).
In recent times, being part of a network has become crucial, not only to find a wide range of expertise, but also to foster lateral thinking. This is undoubtedly the best way to find innovative solutions. Without innovation there is rarely any improvement, and therefore little chance of surviving in the global market.

Joining EPN Consulting means to find:
- Different Backgrounds Merged
- Several Capabilities Complemented
- Major Strength in Bidding
- Exclusive Services to EPN Consulting Members only
- Personal Relationship with each Member

EPN Consulting is: A Business Hub

Doing business is the main key for individuals and organisations to ensure a steady growth. That’s why EPN Consulting offers the facility of a Business Hub where professionals and companies have their space to showcase their expertise to attract new clients.

EPN Consulting is: Sustainable

EPN Consulting is very much committed to working on studies and solutions that are able to reduce
the CO2 emissions
The modus operandi of EPN Consulting  goes into this direction: communications with partners and clients are mainly based on emails, phone calls, audio and video conference calls. When travelling is needed, public transport, car sharing and car pooling facilities are preferred to private cars.